Monday, April 29, 2013

How do you Play a Part for Someone 15 Years Younger? Here's How...

"I have been using The Qivana Qore System since 2009 and have been following the Metaboliq life style for quite a while now.

All I can say; 'I feel as young as I was 20 years ago. Actually, better,  I don't suffer from hypoglycemia anymore.'

I would strongly suggest for anyone in the entertainment industry to do what you can to maintain your youth as long as possible. 

So far it paid off for me, I got to play a 32 year old in the movie "Marriage Material" last year. Lol"

Platinum recording artist and Actor
Steph Carse
Steph Carse has been a professional singer and entertainer all of his life. In addition, part of reaching his goals means staying focused on living, and eating, in a healthy, balanced way. Martial Arts, natural health, and Qivana, are all part of that. You can see the results.

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