Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How do you Maintain Rockin Business Success?

Good health is not just about feeling good... it's about maximizing your BUSINESS potential. 

Maintaining your optimal health means you have more energy to put into your career, and little, or no, healthcare costs, time off work for illness, plus you'll probably enjoy lower insurance premiums too. 

Could you increase your business success (and maybe bring home more money) by simply working on your HEALTH?


In fact, if you're a high income earner, simply losing weight could be quite worthwhile. A corporate executive officer who realized he was becoming "uninsurable" because of his weight and health issues took steps to lose weight, eat better and improve his core health.

Later, when he retook a physical for his life insurance he calculated that he "earned" $500 for every pound he had lost. How? His insurance costs dropped significantly.

But what if you can't measure that health benefit in cold, hard cash?

Well, what is your TIME worth? How much do you "earn" for every PRODUCTIVE hour you spend working? What if you had more energy and could work 30% more... or be 30% more productive spending the same amount of time working?  See where we're going?

Jennifer Martin is a a CPA who has lost over 100 pounds and has reaped the benefits of being in shape... both in her personal life and in her business.

"Prior to getting in shape I found my energy was sapped by about 2 PM.  It was hard to focus on my work sometimes and I found myself struggling with productivity in the afternoon. This is a problem when you work till 5 or 6... and an even bigger one come tax time when you might be pushing it till 9 pm," she laughed.

With the Qivana systems I've been able to keep my energy level, and FOCUS, high with their all natural adaptogenic herb formula (Essentials). The Metaboliq system is responsible for the final part of my weight loss, as well as how easy it has been to build muscle and keep myself at my target weight going forward.

Now I not only have plenty of energy for my business, but lots left over for weekend 'Iron Man' competitions!"

See Jennifer... before and after...

Marvelless Mark is a Vegas entertainer specializing in high energy corporate events and shows.  Not only does he have to be "ON" at a peak level during his performances... he also has to manage his business... booking shows, managing support crews and staff and doing all those other things it takes to run a successful business.

"People always mistake me for being much younger than I am," ..says Marvelless Mark. "They want to know how I look the way I look and have the energy and drive that I do.

I tell them it's all about just being healthy and, of course, I DO have a 'secret weapon' which is the Qivana products. There is no way I could perform at the level I do without them.

The Metaboliq shakes give me the protein I need before and after my work-outs and shows, and the Qore system keeps my core health and immunity so strong I don't have to worry about being laid low by some flu bug I was exposed to from my audience members."

So, next time you are thinking about postponing that walk, downing that extra glass of wine, or stuffing that pie in your mouth... think about the effect it has on your job, your business and your wallet ... not just your buttocks. Then, go for a walk in the fresh air and, when you get back, go online and order a supply of Qivana products. See the difference in the way you feel and the health results you can achieve.

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